Posh Paws Grooming    
60 North Harrison Road, Tucson Arizona - 520.546.5706
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Prices vary by breed, size, coat type & condition.  Call or stop by for a price estimate.

We offer complimentary reminders when your pet is due for its next visit.  Choose from email, phone or snail mail reminders.  Standing appointments are also available


Upgrade Basic Services  with
Deluxe Spa Package
*Toothbrushing with Petzlife Gel
*Facial Odor & Stain Treatment
*Paw Pad Treatment
*Nail Polish


Services for Dogs
Basic Bath & Brush Service
* Bath
* Brush
* Nails Trimmed
* Ears Cleaned
* Anal Sacs Expressed

Basic Groom Service
* Bath
* Brush
* Nails Trimmed
* Ears Cleaned
* Anal Sacs Expressed
* Haircut/Styled to Your Specifications


Services for Cats  
Any Combination

 *Nail Trim
 *Ear Cleaning

Haircuts depend on owner's preference & matting.  Options include spot shaving of mats, lion clip (pictured at right) or "full monty" all over clip. 

Additional Services
Add to any Basic Brush & Bath or Groom Service

Shed-less Treatment ~
     One of our most popular services.  Reduces shedding & increases coat luster.  Coat is   
     soaked 10 minutes in a heavy luxurious conditioner while being brushed.  After the
     bathing process, extra brushing is also included to maximize this conditioner effect on

Nail Buffing ~

    Nails are smoothed.  Reduces scratches on you, floors, furniture, etc.


Dry Skin Treatment
     Rehydrates, soothes & reduces flaking.  Lav-a-derm, Neem Oil, or oatmeal shampoo
     followed with a deep moisturizing creme conditioner.

Teeth Brushing ~
     Freshens breath & reduce costly vet visits.  Teeth brushed with a NEW toothbrush &
     Petzlife dental gel that will continue to clean for hours.

Facial Odor & Stain Treatment ~
     Reduces facial discolorations & odors with a gentle freshening tearless formula.

Flea & Tick Treatment
     Gentle effective shampoo to eliminate pests.  Treatment is automatically done on pets

     if ticks/fleas are found.  This is a treatment NOT a preventative.

Nail Polish ~
     Choose from many colors.  Matching bow colors are available.

Express Groom
     Speediest groom for your dog without interruptions. 



Walk in Services
  Call ahead for promptest service

Teeth Cleaning ~
     Freshen breath & reduce costly vet         
     visits.  Teeth are brushed with a NEW    
     toothbrush & Petzlife dental gel that     
     will continue to clean for hours.

Nail Trim ~

     Trimmed with standard clippers. 
     Owner may hold the pet if helpful to
     the pet.

Nail Trim with Buffing
     Smoothed with an electric Dremel tool. Reduces scratches on you, floors, furniture,

     etc. Owner may hold the pet if helpful to the pet.

Anal Sacs Expressed ~

     History of gland issues, odor, or dragging of your pet's rear are symptoms of needing
     this service.  External expression only (vets do internal)

Paw-dicure ~
     Nails & paw hair trimmed, pad treatment, & optional nail polish

Mini Makeover ~
     Eye and sanitary trim, brush out, ears cleaned, & nails trimmed. Great cost effective      
     way to extend the time between full grooms, yet maintain a fresh groomed feel and
     the health of your pet.
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