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Q.  How can I minimize my pet’s stress and the expense of a groom?

A.  1. Brush AND COMB your pet. This reduces dematting fees, shortens groom times and
          decreases stress.  Comb in addition to brushing.  Combs can catch deep tangles that
          a brush may glide over.  You should always be able to get a comb through your dog's
          coat down to the skin.  

      2. Handle your pet often and all over their body.  As you progress have your pet be
           handled often by friends and family, then strangers.  If your pet is a bit touchy,
           positive rewards (ie treats, toys) can help your dog associate handling with
           enjoyable experiences.

      3. Exercise and potty your dog before your appointment. 

      4. Don't worry!  Dogs are perceptive and pick up on their owners feelings.


Q.  How much does a groom cost?

A.  Prices vary by breed, size, type and length of haircut, and condition the pet's coat. 
      Call or stop by for an estimate.

Q.  How long does a groom take?

A.  Times vary due to size, haircut, condition of coat and behavior.  Generally, brush &
      bath dogs take 2-3 hours and full grooms take 3 hours. 

Q.  How often should I get my dog groomed/nails trimmed?

A.  Between 4-8 weeks is recommended for most dogs.

Q.  Do I need an appointment to get my dog groomed?

A.  Yes.  We usually book 2 - 6 days in advance.  Occasionally same day appointments are
      available.  Weekends and around holidays have the highest demand.  We offer
      prebooking and standing appointments upon request.  

Q.  My dog's nails are over grown and/or I'm afraid to cut them myself.  What do I do?

A.  Full service brush & baths and grooms always include a nail trim.  We also offer nail
      trims as a walk in service.  If your dog's nails are very overgrown, several visits a few
      weeks apart maybe necessary to reduce the length of the blood vessels in the nails.  




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