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Posh Paws Grooming strongly supports pet adoption from legitimate shelters & rescue groups.  Pet overpopulation is all too real and particularly prevalent in the southwest.  If you are unable to own another pet but want to help volunteers, foster homes & monetary support are always needed. 

If you are considering getting a new pet please inform yourself first of your options.  Puppies and purebreds can easily be found through rescue groups.  However, if you wish to purchase through a breeder make sure it is reputable including proper socializing and health screening.  If you would like help finding your new best friend just email us.  No question is too big or small.  We are very happy to help! groomer@poshpawsgrooming.com

Petfinder is an easy way to search nearly every shelter & adoption agency in the US to find a new pet to match your family.  You can search by city, species, breed, gender, age, size, compatibility with children, etc.  It's responsible online shopping for your new best friend! 

Cat adoption organization based in Tucson. A donation collection box for this organization is located at our register if you can contribute.

Pima county animal shelter website.  Unfortunately due to the overwhelming number of abandoned pets in Tucson this shelter is often overflowing.  Big and small, nearly every breed and variation has gone through this shelter.  They often feature specials on reduced price adoptions.

Doberman rescue based in Las Vegas.  Samantha periodically fosters for this rescue and can assist you if you are interested in this beautiful athletic breed.

Greyhound rescue based in Tucson.  Nicknamed the "Forty Mile an Hour Couch Potato" this breed makes an excellent breed to add to most households. 

Standard poodle breeder who holds titles in confirmation, agility, and grooming competitions.  Fully health and temperament tested.  Halo, one of Samantha's dogs is from this breeder.  Halo's health and temperament is a testament to this breeder's quality and care.  Interested in a labradoodle?  Did you know you can groom a standard poodle to look exactly like a doodle?  Need a hypo allergic or non-shedding dog?  Be aware that doodles are not reliably so since they contain lab or golden traits. 




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